about us

Where art, initiative and hard work of the nation’s creativity meet, Iran’s handicrafts are born, and Haft Gardun Khial is a bridge that takes the customers there.

Established in 2016, is committed to serve both the domestic market, and the world people with the fine and noble Iranian handicrafts.

Our team of professional art masters, who create the works of art with their own highly skillful hands based on innovative designs mixing antiquity and modernity, are supported by state-of-the art packaging, which yet comes in variety and luxury.

The gifts of art can serve both personal and business relationship purposes, and the customizable sets can be ordered in any combination. This would make your intended outcome more effective, with orders placed and shipped at the click of the mouse.

Our vision will be realized when our gifts of art, packaged with delicate luxurious, yet economic designs, become everyone’s first choice.