Policies and rules

Thanks for visiting www.7gardun.com.

We aim at serving you, with our different and luxurious products and gifts, and creating a different experience of quality and service.

These policies aim at raising awareness and protecting the mutual rights of the users such as customers, artists and producers, in the framework of domestic and international laws and regulations, including e-commerce and consumer protection rights. You’re invited to read them before placing any orders, as they oversee the practice of business dealings with our customers.

1-     All the content of the website is prepared pursuant to domestic and international laws.

2-     The firm guarantees the full health and quality of the products, and maximized correspondence between the images of its products and the shipped items.

3-     All products go through QC screening, before being exposed to clients.

4-     When clients order their logo or emblem, etc. to be printed or pasted to the products, for promotional purposes, they will only be used for such purpose, and not otherwise. We’re committed to our customers’ privacy protection.

5-     Comments are subject to approval before they’re published.

6-     As your account signup info will be the basis for shipping, please ensure the requested information is filled in accurately.

7-     All content, both text and imagery, on this website is subject to copyright © laws, and abuse will result in prosecution.

8-     The website is available 7/24, and orders are placed via telephone (in the “contact us” tab), outside of the office hours.

9-     Shipping costs will be added to the invoices, before getting the client’s confirmation for shipping.

10-                        Mass orders, whether by organizations or companies, need to be placed via direct contact via phone.

11-                        Shipping will start after full payment is made.

12-                        Refunds will be made within 48 hours after the product, if not acceptable by the client, is returned without any damage, and conforming to its original shape and appearance.

13-                        If the delivered product is damaged, the firm undertakes to pay the return shipping costs, in full.


Refund policy

1-     If damaged, the client needs to receive proof of damaged product delivery, from the mail/courier service that made the delivery.

2-     In case the client wishes to cancel the purchase after placing the order, they should notify the firm of such, and refund will be made ASAP afterwards.

3-     Any change or damage to product will put cancellation and refund at the discretion of the firm.

4-     VAT and/or any other tax applicable, will be added to the total sum on the invoice.

5-     Any form of copying of the material on the website via robots, crawling, viruses or harmful codes and reverse engineering is forbidden, and will result in prosecution.

6-     The client hereby agrees to abide by all the above laws, including e-commerce, domestic and international law, as well as the rules and policies stipulated herein. The firm reserves the right to legally pursue the otherwise.

7-     All suggestions and criticism will be welcome, and we will look to receiving such feedback.